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Kidneys play a pivotal role in our body. If they are not able to filter blood, the toxins start accumulating in blood. While the severity may vary, but kidney disease can cause the patient to need lifelong support and care.

Renal Dosage was developed by a team of expert nephrologists and general care practitioners, keeping in mind that drug dosing errors are common in patients with renal impairment and can cause adverse effects and poor outcomes.

Inappropriate dosing in patients with kidney disease can cause toxicity. In particular, older patients are at a higher risk of developing advanced disease and related adverse events caused by age-related decline in renal function and the use of multiple medications to treat comorbid conditions.

Hence, we provide a free online calculator to calculate the dosage of drugs cleared renally based on individual creatinine clearance.

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“After being diagnosed with CKD 18 months ago (stage 3), I did a lot of research on diet and medicines. Renal dosage has made it really easy for me to find out the adjustment of my medications.”

“When I was diagnosed with Glomerulonephritis, I got really concerned about my food intake and dose adjustment. Renal Dosage has assisted me quite a lot in this journey as I discuss the dosage adjustment with my nephrologist every time.”

“Quick calculation and effective results. Renal Dosage has made it easy to keep a check on my dosage requirements.”


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